Klacht: Very untrustworthy! Watch out…

op 17 februari 2016 over Weena Wonen in de categorie Woningcorporaties

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This is the first time I ever write a review, I usually don’t put my time on this. But this time I felt obliged to do it. There is something odd with this company and the person who deals with the properties.

The agency worker seemed quite shady. He didn’t inspire any level of trust or professionalism.

Firstly, I called to ask when was he going to be in his office. I already went to his office before multiple times, during normal opening hours, to check if he was there. Nevertheless, the office was always closed the times I went.

On the phone we agreed on a time to meet. He said he would be on the office that day in the afternoon. I informed him at exactly what time I would come by, and he confirmed that he would have time for me. I was looking forwards to sitting down and asking my questions. I wanted to take out my doubts.

Unfortunately, the meeting just aggravated this odd feeling I had about this.

He was acting like he had no time to listen to me. A part of me felt like I was being an annoyance to him. Even though I was asking very normal questions we all usually ask before renting a property.

He doesn’t know how to listen. He answered a few of my questions in a rush and he would dodge some of them. It seemed like he lacked manners. He was inattentive and more concerned about leaving the office than about providing information.

I am not exaggerating. I came there and within a matter of seconds he already wanted to sneak out of the office and out of the conversation with me. He was packing his things, and meanwhile we talked he was literally heading towards the exit door.

Why would he agree to meet at his office at a certain time if he would leave as soon as I arrive?

And I KNOW he had the time. Because the first thing he did the moment I stepped in his office was proposing to visit the apartment, directly. He wanted to take me there to see the place at that very moment. BUT, of course, only as long as I pay him the 25 euros fee he so famously asks.

I told him that I was more interested in knowing more basic information about the property. The visit could come later.

As soon as he realized he wouldn’t cash those 25 euros that day, he suddenly was “out of time”.

WeenaWonen’s basic agency fees (1 month rent + VAT) is a high price to pay. It is, in reality, even illegal. Yes, you read right, it is ILLEGAL. According to current Dutch laws it is illegal to set this type of agency fee.

They deceive a mass amount of people into paying 25 euros each, and out of the large mass he picks 1. And with probably future surprises to come…

The company really seems to have little concern about others.

Like I described before, this man was distant and showed no interest in having a conversation with me. Interestingly, the only moment he somehow paid attention to me was when, out of the blue, he asked me “Where are you from?”.

Please have in mind that he didn’t ask this to engage in small talk or to seem agreeable. I am certain of this based on his overall behavior. He had an evident indifference about me. He didn’t care about me as a customer or as a person. But he cared about my country of origin.

This is usually a normal question to ask when you meet someone, of course. But it was NOT in this context. I’m pretty sure that sparking conversation was not his goal, and he was not trying to seem likable. He probably needs to know my country of origin to decide, based on my cultural background, whether to consider me as a renter or not.

Okay, I can not go as far as to claim that he likes to discriminate based on nationality. But I must say that I really got an odd feeling out of that question. I’ve been asked this question thousands of times, I’m an expat, and I am proud of my nationality. But I got the feeling that this time, when it was asked, it was with a different purpose in mind. Definitely not to spark conversation.

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When there will be more seriousness and professionalism.

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Weena Wonen

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Geachte heer,

Wij hebben inderdaad paar keer met u zelf gesproken en u zocht voor uw vriend een huurwoning.

Wij hebben aan u beide meerdere malen aangegeven dat er niet makkelijk is Rotterdam om een woning te vinden voor uw vriend te zien dat hij een uitkering krijgt en hij komt uit Portugal.

Nr 1- De reden daarvoor is dat de gemeente Rotterdam vraagt een huisvestigvergunning voor sommige straten van de stad.

Met andere worden als uw vriend geen werk heeft dan komt hij helaas niet in aanmerking voor een huurwoning.

Toen hadden wij ook aan u verteld over de beleid van de gemeente Rotterdam.

Kijk zelf ook voor meer info naar de website van de gemeente Rotterdam:


Helaas maar wij kunnen ook niets aan doen tegen de regels van de Gemeente Rotterdam.

Wij moesten toen u en uw vriend helaas teleurstellen om door te geven dat wij hem niet verder konden helpen.

Helaas hadden wij geen andere keuze maar dit is helaas de beleid van gemeente Rotterdam en wij zijn ook afhankelijk van.

Door deze regels verliezen wij ook veel klanten hoor dat moet u gerust ook weten.

Nr 2- Als uw vriend in aanmerking zou komen voor de studio toen dan hadden wij een afspraak met hem gemaakt om de studio te bezichtigen.

En tijdens de bezichtiging van de studio hadden wij hem gevraagd om een bedraag van € 25 voor inschrijfkosten te betalen en niet vooraf.

Dus uw vriend heeft nooit de inschrijf kosten bij ons betaalt omdat hij niet in aanmerking kwam voor die studio.

Wij wilden ook uw vriend graag helpen maar helaas dat het niet kon. Maar wij zijn overtuigt dat wij uw vriend binnen de wettelijke regels hebben behandeld.

Jammer dat u zo gereageerd heeft tegen ons aan de laatste telefoon gesprek.

Hopelijk heb ik u en uw vriend voldoende geïnformeerd.

Met vriendelijke groeten Nico P

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