Klacht: OV – chipkart defect during trip

op 20 september 2017 over NS in de categorie Openbaar Vervoer

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On 06.06.2017 I have traveled from Utrecht to Eindhoven via NS train. I have checked at the checking gates. However, during the trip the card become defected and on the check it failed to give checking message. I kindly asked the conductors to check the card code in the system but they said that they are unable to that. Using my personal phone I logged the http://ov-chipkaart.nl to show them that I am checked in Utrecht. However, that was not proof for them and they wrote me a fine and told me to contact the customer service. Since the card was defect I was unable to check out also at Eindhoven so I also got the extra amount for not checking.
After I have received the fine, I called the NS Customer service and I explained in detail the situation. The person has removed the fine and he refund the amount that was generated for not checking out. He also told me that I must pay only the ticket cost that was written on the fine that the conductor wrote me. However, the handwriting was very unclear and it seemed as different number so send extra 40 cents to the amount. After 2 weeks I have received again letter that I had to pay the full amount. I thought that was system problem so I did not take action. After 2 weeks again I have received incasso that was the fine plus the cost of the ticket plus the extra incasso cost. I called immediately to the NS client service and they told me that in order to get my money back I must pay the full amount of the incasso and then I must call again to get my money back. I asked why I must do that since I have already paid and they told me that thats due the fact that I had sent 40 cents extra and that cause the system to not recognise it . I asked if I get a proof of what she said and to have as a paper what we have agreed but they told me that there is a comment on my house address and is not needed for it. So I paid the full amount of the incasso and I called again the client service. They explained me something completely different. They told me that they will refund me only that amount that I have initially sent instead of all incasso costs and fine cost that we generated. The person told me that I must write an official letter with explanations of the situation.

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When all extra generated costs are refund.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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