Klacht: Conductor Pushed me Out of the Train

op 02 juni 2016 over NS in de categorie Openbaar Vervoer

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To whom it may concern,
I would like inform you about the following: I was going to catch the train from Krommenie-Assendelft to Zaandam at 07.47 am yesterday(01.06.2016). I checked in exactly at 07.47 am while the doors were going to close the door of the conductor was still open. I run to get into the train, but your conductor stayed in front of the door and screamed to me that I was not allowed to get into the train. At the same time another guy jumped into the train! If it is the rule that nobody is allowed to enter the train after the signal has been given why this guy could enter the train?! While I entered the train at the same time with the conductor we stood on the stairs together he turned himself to me and pushed me out of the train. He screamed ‘I don’t want you to get into my train and get out of the train now’. I was shocked and felt guilty. Is it his own train? Who gives him the authority to push me out of the train? What did I do wrong? He accepted a person in the train (while all other doors were also closed) only 3 seconds before me. Everything has been recorded by CCTV. Because of him I missed the train and my whole motivation for work. Maybe he was going to accept me if I spoke Dutch. I do not want to think like that but I have feeling that he did it as he accepted this other Dutch guy to enter the train.
I called your customer service directly at 07.49 am. I do not remember her name but how the lady talked to me I understood that this authority is given by NS. Sorry is this the customer service? I was trying to explain her that what happened but she was only giving me some answers to show me I am wrong before she just listened to me. However finally she started to investigate. She asked me how does he look like ? I told her that I already provided her all information like the time, situation, station etc. She had to know this information as she said that we have 2000 trains running how should we know who he is? I described him to her. I am just wondering how it is possible that NS does not know who is having shift in which train? How can we feel secure as you don’t have any information? Even you can check the name with the port phone in the train.
All in all I kept calm and start to follow up. As NS is handling the transportation in the Netherlands as a mono pol business should we just accept everything ? Your customer service even did not ask my phone number or email adress so how are you going to investigate on this ? I am really not happy with this information and I will do my best to get this 100% solved. How is it possible that such a big company can have those untrained people? I am waiting your answer as soon as possible as I would like to avoid to go to Court to ask for my rights. Please see the answer from them ;
I understand that this must have been an awful experience for you.
First off: the conductor is allowed to stop people from entering a train if it is either too full or he sees another reason why you wouldn’t be allowed to travel on that train. From your story I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be allowed on the train, other than the fact that the train was leaving already, and people are not allowed to enter the train after the whistlesound has been given. I don’t know why that other person was allowed to enter, but I don’t think this is a discrimination-issue. I think the conductor just thought you were too late to enter, and he has the right to remove you from the train. Especially when you refuse to listen to his request to not enter the train. I hope you do understand that refusing to listen might not have been the best solution to this problem.
I get where you are coming from, especially since someone else was allowed to enter 3 seconds prior to you entering, but I’m afraid that there was nothing that the conductor did that was illegal. Might have come across inappropriate, but that’s the worst I can think of all this.
Groet, Thomas

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At least follow up with me personally but see their answer above how they still prevent to personal contact as he pushed me. Where is the human right who can have right to push you out of the train????

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