Klacht: Paying two different numbers without my awareness

op 20 maart 2020 over Vodafone in de categorie Mobiele Telefonie

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last year October my old prepaid number 0615297127 was blocked (it was in the name of the ex, but paid from my bank account) so i could not use the same number again.
This is not what it was communicated to me by one of your store employees. They gave me a normal SIM card with a number that should have been my old 127number after my contract expired in October 2019. They said they could reactivate my old number again.
And ofcourse this did not occurred.
Instead of, i found myself with a casual number or which i do not remember now
(something with 349 but i am not very sure, you can check in your system). This number was a normal sim card number, no contract number.

Then I bought a new phone and sign a new subscription 0611081612, when i have to pay every month around 26 euros. (my normal sim card 349? i throught it away)

After so many months I noticed that I was paying to vodafone two bills a month for two different contracts. Why?
(349 which I have no idea why, and my catual number 0611081612 which i sign for)

I would like immediately to stop this 349 subscription and having my money back from Vodafone.
I would like this request to be taken very seriously and solved as soon as possible.
I have been going from store to store for several weeks in order for me to get this sittuation setteld and I am getting more headache and a lot of apologize from Vodafone employees but NO SOLUTION!
I am paying for 2 different numbers for which to my knowledge I have not been informed. I seek for solution as soon as possible. I’m seriously considering talking with a lawyer.

Albana Idrizaj

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I am with nothing happy!

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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