Klacht: Morsvik wardrobe – sliding doors open up by themself

op 12 juni 2016 over IKEA in de categorie Woonwarenhuizen

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Morsvik wardrobe. In general, I am very happy with the wardrobe but the sliding wardrobe doors open up by them self for no reason. The wardrobe is standing on an even floor and please note, both sliding wardrobe doors slide open but in different directions.Can this be adjusted? if so, how? or is there a manufacturing issue?

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Heeft op 13 juli 2016 om 14:26 geantwoord

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Hej Annci,

Thank you for your patience.

We are sorry to read that the doors open accidentally :( When the cabinet is on an equal floor and you have followed the assembly instructions correct the doors shouldn’t open by accident. We hope you have found a solution. If this isn’t the case we recommend you to check the steps in the assembly instructions thoroughly. At step 34, 38 and 39 you see that you need to turn a part with a screwdriver. Have you turned all four parts?
Otherwise, we recommend you to return the product with your receipt to the IKEA store. It could be a production mistake. Our colleagues will see what they can do for you. If the item is brought to you by IKEA transport, we recommend to fill in the following contactform: http://cccnservice.ikea.com/direct.aspx?ug=4&N=1690

If you currently or in the future have questions or complaints, we recommend contacting our colleagues from the IKEA customer service, by one of the following direct contact channels: http://www.ikea.com/ms/nl_NL/customer_service/contact_us/contact_us_intro.html

With kind regards,
IKEA Nederland

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