Klacht: Horrible client service + lijn 82 directing Doetinchem never goes according by the schedule

op 10 oktober 2016 over Arriva in de categorie Openbaar Vervoer

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I have to report about the terrible experience i am having with arriva right now. First of all, i gave a call to the client service in the end of August saying that the buss driver of bus 82 directing zutphen at 8.36, 30.08 saw me standing on the stop, willing to take a bus, waved to me and went further. I explained it to the lady on the phone and after collecting my contact details she promised to give a response within 2 weeks which never happened. Then i submitted another complaint asking for a response, but again i was ignored, only got an email which said “we already sent you a response”. Alright, going further, i go by bus 82 home every day at 16.40 from Dorp, Steenderen, directing doetinchem, and not considering previous times, for past two weeks (10 working days) it came moreless in time only twice, all the other times it comes 10 Or more minutes late which is completely unacceptable. since i have to switch the bus to 29 to Arnhem, i can never do that, because bus 82 is constantly late, and not just 2 or 3 minutes but 10 and more, considering it only goes once an hour. Just like today (10.10), the driver that was supposed to be in Dorp at 16.40, came only at 16.50 and he is always late, i have noticed it within a month. And 82 directing zutphen is always in time, like most of the other busses i take. If you see that this bus can hardly be on schedule then please dont confuse those who travel and change the schedule. Systematic delays of 10+ minutes are not normal. Weather its any problem or a driver, please make sure the bus is there on time. And lastly, on 6th and 7th October, same time (16.40) the bus was surprisingly breaking, two days in a row, exact same time. And when i called a client service to ask what was the problem, lady hanged up the phone twice, not saying anything, just because i was speaking english (asking pretty simple question). I could only know the problem when my dutch speaking friend called Arriva. I sincerely hope you will deal with this problems and wont be ignoring them again, because otherwise i ll have to get serious about it and bring it to another level. Hope to hear from you soon!

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with all the other busses but the one that goes to Doetinchem

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1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Arriva over deze klacht.

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Hello Anna,

I'm sorry to read that buslijn 82 never goes according the schedule. I redirected your complaint internally to the region, so that the punctuality of the bus can be discussed. Hopefully you will experience imrovement the next time. We apologize for the experienced inconvenience and extra travel time!

Webcareteam Arriva

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1 jaar geleden - Thank you for response. But did you ignore all the other information i mentioned? Is it not worth reporting? I would still like to get my response for the first complaint, which was back in august. And at least an apology for the rude lady who was hanging up the phone when i called. Your client service remains on the lowest level, unfortunatelly.

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1 jaar geleden - Hello Anna, I forwarded your complaint about the client service too. But I forget to mention it, I'm sorry. I sincerely hope that when you call the next time, someone will pick up the phone and answer your question. Apologize for all the inconvenience.

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