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mewka28 op 23 november 2022 over Vinted.nl in de categorie Internetshops - Kleding

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Good morning Vinted,

There is a vinted member who does so many violations against your rules.
Her profile is:


1. She is changing all the time the description about delivery time, name of designers-switching to na name and description-sample sale(after you deleted her items then she has change like that)!
Most of the items she had the descriptions : Can not send before December!- we have 5 days to ship it out right?
for example (she did not change the description yet):





etc etc -all of the items are FAKE!!!!!!

2. See the description on her profile:
Relocating from Shanghai to Europe. Selling both in China and here, some goes fast. Will be able to ship November onwards, happy to reserve the items you fancy.

3. See her answer to your review:

I am new on vinted, still learning about selling. My family decided to move to Europe a while ago, many of my items are in the containers, some are taken by my husband to Paris because someone wants to buy, which makes me happy. Of course anyone can choose to believe it or not, but there is nothing to hide here.

-clothes are in the container right!
– the story she made it was after we women have decided to take the action on her as you did not really

You have blocked her for 1 week and she is back now with her fake clothes!

There are examples of her scam! pay attention to the pictures, labels (see those fake labels over and over) every detail please (scroll down on aliexpress if needed)

her 1: https://www.vinted.nl/women/clothes/dresses/special-occasion-dresses/party-and-cocktail/2339349009-ulla-johnson-cotton-black


And yet in description she is selling size 0 but on the picture is label of size 2 guess why?- you can not get from aliexpress any other picture of the label only with a size 2 !!!!!- i did the research)

her 2:


her 3:


her 4:


(attention: this dress on of aliexpress is size P (orange color- you can not find any picture with different size only P and the black one only M-these are only 2 pictures of the labels that you can get from aliexpress- coincidence? hehe i do not think so and you either

anyway she did put the description of size 2!!!!

her 5:


her 6:


(look at this: her pictures exactly the same- she just photoshop the picture-cutting off the label with new arrivals on the hanger from teh left side -the rest the same!!!!)

I can go on and go on …if there is not enough for you let me know I will do further research for you.

4. she is putting different colors and sizes in 1 add saying you can choose:

plus of course it can not be send before December!

5. she is adding the same dress in different colors and sizes what is not allowed on vinted:



6. she is putting pictures with different sizes and descriptions that she is selling different sizes (when the dress has fake label or does not have at all):



7. she is very manipulative and clever with the labels – if she does not have or you deleted her item she is adding again with the label of different similar item (stilling pictures of the labels from others or for example from the blouse that have the same color as her dress)

the blouse was deleted already

8. she never sent me a label that I have asked for saying that she is busy with moving but she sent me all of measurements that i have asked for!

9. A lots of fake labels!!!!!
Ulla Johnson has always 2-3 labels
one is the neck label with the brand Ulla Johnson
second-with the fabric/materiaal -and there must be also the brand-Ulla Johnson then under the fabric on the same label sometimes a specially in newest collection there on this label under Ulla Johnson brand is the size then the fabric but mostly there is the third label with the size always just always from the left size of this label with the fabric

This madam has a lots fake labels!;
-no ulla johnson brand on the fabric label:



Never ever label with the size on top of label with the fabric!!!!!!!



No labels with the fabric and size at all while the item is new!


10. You deleted it already but she started to add clothes saying that they are sample sales!

11. She is putting pictures of the labels that doe not belong to the item:

And besides of that there is much more going on.
Easy question ask her about the prove invoices where did she get the clothes?

Come from that Ulla Johnson and Sea New York brand is mostly on her list ?

Descriptions, labels, manipulations, selling different colors of the same item , different sizes of the same item, fake copies from aliexpress as an authentic ones, descriptions that does not much to the pictures-wrong sizes, can not be send before December-droppshipping.
What else?
Is there any other legal thing that she did not brake here?

I really hope that this time you will take the action on that madam.

We women are loosing hope here , we are stopping to trust vinted, before we buy we are scared to get fake clothes!

We want to trust you, we want to have fun with buying clothes on your website!

Can you please take care of us, safe us from those people like this MADAM please.

If there is anything I can help more, describe more or send more prove for this crime activity of this madam let me know please.

I am standing here for us women who wants to buy safe and have trust in you VINTED !

One more thing.
I have asked that madam today about authenticity of Zimmerman vest and the madam got irritated so fast!
She said that she got it without label-fabric and then in the same conversation she said that she just cut it off as it wasn’t comfortable and if I want to get Zimmerman with labels I should buy more expensive!
And then she has blocked me on vinted.
The thing is that vinted let this fraud go.

I reported her all the time and they do nothing!
They just don’t care!
Please please can you do something about it?
They have gotten this info from me and the madam is still online selling her copies as an authentic!

All the best


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Ana Asian madam selling fake clothes on vinted.
No reaction from vinted.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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