Klacht: Asked for Refund of Select on 30th Day, they Refused!

Sim Architect op 09 september 2021 over Bol.com in de categorie Online Warenhuizen

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They advertise you have 30 days to cancel select risk free.

I ordered on August 8th

I cancelled on September 7th

The system didn’t refund me.

I went to chat on the same day (September 7th) and opened a case.

So far, everybody was understanding the system was mistaken and they needed to override it.

Then, suddenly, they changed their minds and decided that the system is like that and there’s nothing they will do to fix it even though they’re advertising you have 30 days to cancel but you’re only getting 29.

They prefer to pocket those 10 euros and risk losing a consumer than solving the issue and honor their offer.

If I want to register a formal complaint with their ombudsman I need to do that by PAPER letter, pay for the postage and go through all the hassle for something this simple.

I used to have Bol in very high regard before this, which makes me even more disappointed. Never had a situation like this when something is so clear cut and you can go to timeanddate.com and calculate August 8th plus 30 days, you’ll get September 7th. That’s 30 days, I was within the time limit. There’s no question around that.

Gewenste Oplossing:

Refund of the select plan. Explanation why this happened when I was within the 30 days. It would be nice if they fix their system or change their advertising from 30 days to 29 days or whatever they want to give instead (or remove the offer altogether if they choose to, just give your customers what you promise, at least).

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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