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Aghiad op 26 mei 2024 over Amazon in de categorie Internetshops - Algemeen

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I have been trying to start my seller account for over two months.

Initially, I attempted to open a new seller account, and the process took over five weeks. Eventually, my account, associated with [email protected], was ed and accessible.

However, a few days later, the account was blocked without explanation. After contacting Seller Support, they informed me that I needed to update my credit card and some other information. Despite my willingness to update these details, my account remained blocked/disabled.

The message I receive every time I try to log in is:
We have detected unusual activity on your account and have temporarily locked it. Please contact customer service for further assistance.

I wonder if temporarily means not forever, since 2 weeks it is still blocked, so what does temporary mean for Amazon?

I reached out to Seller Support multiple times, but I received no effective solutions. Most of the support seems to be from India, and I have opened 17 cases to resolve my account issue, only to receive the same response each time.

When I can’t access my account, it’s illogical to ask me to log in to make modifications and configurations. It’s like being asked to retrieve something from a locked room when you don’t have the key.

If anyone from Amazon Seller Support reviewed the cases I’ve opened, they would be shocked by the unprofessional replies and how hard I have tried to explain that I can’t access my account to fix the missing information like credit card, tax info, and marketplace details.

Surprisingly, as an active e-commerce professional, I have opened accounts in multiple marketplaces in other countries and have never encountered this issue before. I have seller accounts on eBay, Etsy, Bol.com, and more.

The frustrating part is that whenever I create a new case asking to solve my problem, I receive a response from a support agent. When I try to reply to this agent, I can’t, because the email I receive is a no-reply email. No matter how many times I try to respond, it’s impossible since my seller account is blocked. It feels like I am running in circles with a support team that operates like robots, unable to think outside the box for even a few seconds.

Another frustrating story: they will close your case if you do not reply. Since there is no way to reply, Seller Support tells you they didn’t receive your response and consider the case solved. This is the worst support I have ever seen.

Is there any supervisor, team leader, or manager who can call me or send me an email that I can actually reply to?

Cases i opened:

And there are more …

So, i am not sure if this will be helpful to open my account, but why not let’s try.

Gewenste Oplossing:

Uncblock my account to give me a chance to modify it and re-configure tax and payment information.

Beoordeling 3/10 star-2 (10)

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3 weken geleden - Deze beoordeling is voor een verkopersaccount, niet voor een klantenaccount. Het verkoperssupportteam is niet voldoende getraind. Daarom vraag ik teamleiders en managers om meer aandacht te besteden aan dit supportteam en betere training en begeleiding te bieden.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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