Klacht: Never order from this fake web store!

op 02 oktober 2016 over Telecom and More in de categorie Telecomwinkels

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On July 10, I have done extremely stupid thing – trying to save 200 euros, I have ordered iPhone 6s 64Gb from this fake store (telecomandmore.nl) and paid € 589.99 with iDeal immediately. On the web page was mentioned that the item will be delivered within 1-3 working days. Today is 2nd of October – and I have never received anything from this scammer! First few weeks he was ignoring my phone calls and emails. Than I have written him that I am going to report the occasion to the police… In a few days I got a message, which said that he is surprised that I didn\\\’t receive my order – he is going to check everything with their sales department (now I am pretty sure that there is no sales department – the only one scammer is \\\”employed\\\” – most likely his name is Hasan Celik – to be checked). After two weeks of promises to solve my situation, in August he suddenly went abroad for 5 weeks!!! (on the basis of his messages in whatsapp, because of sickness of someone from his family; on the basis of his emails for holidays). He was supposed to be back to the Netherlands on August 31st. On August 31 I have reminded him that he has to pay my money back. He replied that he just arrived and going to transfer money on Friday – 2nd of September… But he is not the one who is responsible for his own words. In the middle of September he has blocked my phone number in wathsapp…, ignoring my emails… Today is 2nd of October – during the last three months I was doing my best to solve the problem with him – unsuccessfully… The occasion has been reported to the police. Looking forward for updates.
Don\\\’t get into the same trap!!! I hope the information provided will help you not to avoid the same mistake…
To be continued…

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