Klacht: Sold house at 4th December… NLE uses 12th December Meterstand

op 17 december 2019 over NLE in de categorie Energieleveranciers

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I have sold my house at 4th december. at 8th Of december (due to moving to other house ) I have applied to stop the contract as I did with all companies.

NLE stops my contract 12th, also measures electricity at a later Date! and charges me 40 KWh more. for electricity somebody else …
I called their support and to my surprise they do not care! at ALL. I am in fault! always the client in fault?

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When they use 4rth of December as contract end date. And accept the MEters I SIGNED with the new owners (Which they never asked for)

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

7 maanden geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar NLE over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

7 maanden geleden - Deze klacht is zojuist door NLE in behandeling genomen

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

7 maanden geleden - We hebben bericht ontvangen dat NLE een oplossing geplaatst heeft bij deze klacht


Heeft op 23 december 2019 om 15:29 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Dear missmister,

In addition to your complaint we just had a conversation due to the phone.

In this conversation we spoke about your complainant for the end meter readings on the invoice. You were not satisfied with the fact that we charge you for the supply of energy till the 12th of december. In our conversation I explained the reason why we charged you until the 12th of december and what you have to do if you want to correct the meter readings.

I trust to have informed you sufficiently!

Kind regards,
NLE Webcare

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