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op 23 juli 2017 over Easyjet in de categorie Vliegmaatschappij

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I bought a flight from Lisbon to Amsterdam from Easyjet.
The company sent me the local time of Amsterdam instead of local time of Lisbon, as result I was late for my flight and I could not catch my flight.
When I tried to explain the mistake they made to their crew in Lisbon there were indifferent and ignoring.
Because I got so stressed and exhausted I fainted and sent by ambulance to Lisbon hospital.
I stayed another night in the hostel and I flew back next day to Amsterdam.
When I filled in the full story for them, they did not answer after 7 working days as they promised, so I sent another request.
I simply asked them to refund my flight like any other incident or denied boarding to refund the partial costs they caused.
Finally I have got an answer that “you missed your flight and we do not refund”.
I had my 7 beautiful days of vacation in Lisbon which was destroyed with the last night being hospital due to irresponsibility of Easyjet.
Indeed I cannot take them to court because that will cost a lot of money for me and I cannot afford it. but at least I can tell other people to not travel with this airline anymore.
Attached are the documents.
Also the snapshot of my calendar that shows they have sent me 19:20 instead of 18:20.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I am satisfied if they simply not ignore what happened to me, and apologize for wrong hour that they have sent me and all the atrocity they have caused me.
I also want them to refund my hostel, ticket and taxi from hospital to airport, which is 123 euro.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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