Klacht: 4 times collecting € 180

op 05 juni 2017 over ACP Rail in de categorie Treinvervoer

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On 3 June I tried to get tickets for the train Flam- Myrdal and return in Norway dd. 13-6-2017.
After I had paid with VISA I got a response that there was an error and the payment was stopped.
I tried it again 3 times.
One time with the ING bank account and 2 times with the ABNAMRO bank account.
So; this has happened in total 4 times.
I did not get any ticket.
Afterward I saw there was 4 times €180 of my accounts.

Gewenste Oplossing:

Return 3 times € 180 and tickets for the above mentioned train or return 4 times € 180

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