Klacht: Plumbing problem not fixed. Charged €1200.

op 17 juni 2021 over Devries-riooldienst.nl in de categorie Reparatie- en onderhoud diensten

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Toilet broken, called DeVries Riooldienst (https://devries-riooldienst.nl/). They sent a plumber. I was told by the plumber (A is the name on the email) that it was a blocked sewage pipe. After being told it was unblocked, I was charged €1200. I paid by card (I was in a massive hurry), but found later that the toilet was not fixed. I have contacted DeVries twice and they said they would get back to me. I have been contacted by three mobile numbers with regard to this, two of which, according to the internet, are scammers. These are 06-11110216 (original plumber’s number) and 06-85666616 (the other is 06-34064007). Noone I have spoken to from the company has helped in any way, they only ask totally irrelevant questions. The email invoice was under the company name Regio Loodgieter 24/7. No VAT number given.

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When I get all the money back. It\\\'s only fair!

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