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L.Gracias op 14 november 2019 over Eneco in de categorie Energieleveranciers

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Tried to write an e-mail on [email protected] I get the message that it is not properly installed.
I have been having problems with my heating. I have been constantly in touch with Eneco to solve the problem. 10 Oct. the house was cold and there was no display on the thermostat I changed the batteries. It worked for a day. I contacted eneco on 12 and I was told to disconnect the connection and after 15 mts. reconnect. Wait for 10 mts. and reconnect. If it does not work to call them back. This did not work. When I called back the lady who answered and told me to do the same again. I told her that I had a broken foot and I cannot go up and down to do the same thing again. She threatened me that she will charge me if they find out that there is something wrong with the connection. She then made an appointment saying that someone will come before 10 in the night. As I had other appointments that day, I requested for an approximate time. She refused. Someone did come later on the day, he went towards CV kettle, saw it from a distance and said it is not working and wanted to see the thermostat. He said the batteries (which were new) are low and changed again. The heating came on (like before) and he left. The problem continued and I wrote a mail on the 15th requesting Eneco to send someone. No reply. On 18th I called 008 0072 provided for storingen (around 1100hrs). He told me we do not have mechanics to do this kind of work. He gave me a no. 06 166466553 of a private company Mociem Service to contact for which I have to pay. (Could it be this is his private business?!)
As I was going away on Monday the 21st on holidays, in the afternoon, I contacted Eneco on 088-8955000 again. I was on line with this man for about 50 mts. just to make an appointment. (note: Not to forget the costs which I have to pay) He said he cannot make an appointment before Monday. As I had no other choice, as suggested by him I agreed with him for an appointment on 10 nov. between 1400 hrs- 1700hrs. He was to send me an e-mail, which I have not received until now. He also told me, I will be contacted about his performance and to put in a good word for him. When he has taken more than 50 mts. to make an appointment, what good word should I be putting in for him.

On 10th NO ONE TURNED UP. Until now I have not heard anything and my problem not solved.

While I am paying for a contract with Eneco, why I should be paying outside companies to attend to the problem with the c.v. kettle installed by Eneco.

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2 jaren geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Eneco over deze klacht.

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2 jaren geleden - Dear madam Gracias, Thank you for bringing your complaint to our attention. I am very sorry to hear about your tiring journey finding a solution for the heating problem in your house. Please accept my apology for us failing to do so. Of course I hope I can help you. In order do so, I kindly ask you to upload your customer number in your profile. Only then am I allowed to look up your client information. Hope to hear from you soon. With kind regards, Nilima Eneco Webcare

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2 jaren geleden - My customer number 15583343

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2 jaren geleden - Dear miss Gracias, Thank you! I sent this to the responsible colleagues and asked them to contact you as soon as possible. I will personally monitor this. Hope they will offer you a solution you can be happy with. Have a nice evening. Kind Regards, Nilima Eneco Webcare

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Dear Ms. Nilima,
After my several tel. requests, on 18th November someone came and said everything is alright and left. He was not even ready to listen to the problem. He did not do anything. As the problem continued I called them again either on 22nd or 23rd (I cannot remember). The person who answered the tel. said that I have to pay 80 euros. I told her I have service contract for several years. She continued saying I have to pay. I told her that repeatedly I have service contract and I will not pay. She consulted somebody and said alright. Then of course, the same story, we are buzy. Finally, only on the 25th Nov. someone turned up. The man came and changed the thermostat and left. Now I have recd. the bill and I have been charged for his visit and for the thermostat.
I had enquired with the man who visited in the beginning, who changed batteries (which I had changed 3 days before), regarding the price of the thermostats. He said that they carry only one type (the one which is now installed) is for 50 euros. They have installed the same one and have charged me 79.50 euros. The same one is available for 30 euros.
Labour 83.68/hr. He just came and said better to change the thermostat. It took him hardly 15 minutes. When I have a service contract under which I have refused to pay, and was agreed, how can they charge me, that too for 1 hour. He did not make the trip for changing the thermostat. If I have to pay, I would rather take the help from someone does not charge.
Just to make an appointment, I have been kept on telephone for more than 45 mts. couple of times. After which no one turns up.
For all the relevant information please refer to my first e-mail where I have complained.
I have made several calls and finally someone comes on the 25th and changes the thermostat. The purpose of complaining to you is for you to take some action. You let me stay in cold house for couple of months. I even mentioned to your staff that I am old and cannot stay in a cold house which would effect my health. Answer: We cannot help you\".
When did I complain to you? Did you do anything until 14th Nov? After 14th did you follow it up with the concerned department.
You let me stay in a cold house for few months and you today tell me that \"since you have not heard follow up questions\". Check the file for all my e-mails, including the first mail.
14th of November you wrote to me that you have taken action and that you will personally monitor this. Did anything happen. No. Today it is 19th Dec. - more than a month, you followed it up. In the meantime what follow up did you do. I had to keep phoning up all the time.

You need to compensate me for all the telephone calls I was forced to make unnecessarily,
You need to pay me for excess charged for the thermostat,
You need to refund me the service cost which is wrongfully charged,
You need to refund me the service costs for the months no service was provided,
You need to refund me for the gas wasted/consumed for all the months in question until 25th November.
You also need to compensate for the hardship you put me through for few months.

Kind regards
Mrs. Gracias

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