Klacht: No airco in the sprinters

op 24 augustus 2016 over NS in de categorie Openbaar Vervoer

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I travel every day between Maarssen and Amsterdam Centraal. If outside is cool and rainy and also windy the trains have air conditioning on. Now that there are several hot days the air conditioning is not working. People travel with these trains sometimes for more than 30 minutes in temperatures as high as over 40 Celsius. Ignoring the fact that these trains have no toilette on board, it is unacceptable for people to ride in a sauna and some of them to get sick and faint or vomit because of the unbelievable high temperature and the lack of air in the train. Opening some very small windows is not helping at all. We are paying customers and we deserve to be offered the same conditions like people who travel with the intercity.

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It is very seldom for me to be happy with NS. If I have 3 days in a row without delays, trains being cancelled and similar I think miracles exist. I had situations when I could go as far as Utrecht to find out there was no train available for Maarssen. I spend 50 minutes by bus from Utrecht to Maarssen while the train ride is 9 minutes (provided the train is running). Everything is wrong with NS services beginning with respecting their own schedule, their app not showing up to date info and the wrong information and the chaos in big stations when somethings happens. They cannot control anything.

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Heeft op 30 augustus 2016 om 13:52 geantwoord

I was not looking for your excuses, they are no solution. The easiest way for you is to say you are sorry. Your clients expect real solutions to their problems with your services. Anyway if you are going to offer even more excuses, please refrain yourself. It would have been good if you had told me that you will look into possibilities of asking the train conductor to stop saving your money and start the airconditioning. Please ask your guys from the upper management to have a trip with a sprinter when there is hot weather. Oh yeah, and do not tell your personnel that the boss will be in the train. Have a good day!

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