Klacht: ConnectCar sending invoce for registration and threaten to pass the case to collectors

op 03 september 2018 over KAV Autoverhuur in de categorie Autoverhuur

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I have registered with ConnectCar on 26 of July, 2018. Shortly I found out that in order to be able to use a car I have to deposit €150 in advance. I decided not to use the service, since other car sharing companies provide better conditions.

ConnectCar started to send me an invoice of €25 for registration fee. They never mentioned such a fee on a website during registration process explicitly, Therefore I have never agreed on it.
As I found out later they send this info only with noreply email, that comes along with another email in which you are paying payment request of €0.01 to bind your account to direct debit. Basically, I have never been informed about registration fee in a proper manner.

I believe this is a fraud and when I send them an email demanding to stop sending me that invoice in reply they threatened me they are going to pass the case to collector agency if I do not pay.

I also demanded to remove my data from their servers according to GDPR. Which they never did.

To wrap it up the case consist in 3 issues:
1) Fraud on collection registration fee
2) Threat on passing the case to collector agency
3) Not removing my personal data as by GDPR

Gewenste Oplossing:

When Connectcar stops spamming me with €25 invoice registration fee and remove my personal data.

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