Klacht: Incorrect amounts taken and bad costumer service

op 14 januari 2014 over Oxxio in de categorie Energieleveranciers

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The meter readings were sent to the company, as requested by mail, and also as a safety precaution, also on their own website via my login.

They still sent me an end of the year amount more than 7000 above what I reported and used.

I contacted their customer support by phone and was informed that I had to take pictures of my meter with a proof of date. I did as requested, took 2 pictures one with their own letter dated of January 1st and another with a Post Code Loterij letter dated of January 3rd, and on the same day (January 5th) sent it to their email address.

I got an auto-reply informing me of the incident number (Incident: 140103-004216) and also that I would get a reply within 2 working days. It didn’t happen.

I sent another email, informing that I was still waiting for a reply, on the 10th of January and still did not hear back from them.

I called today their customer service line because they have taken the money from my account, even after I reported everything in due time, and the agent told me I was misinformed by her colleague and that they do not need the photos, just need me to give the new updated readings of the meter.

I am now informed that it will take up to 10 weeks for the new calculation to be done and extra 2 weeks for me to get my money.

This is unacceptable.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I want my money as soon as possible.

I would also like this company to be more professional and to treat clients with the respect and consideration we deserve.

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4 jaren geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Oxxio over deze klacht.

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Heeft op 17 januari 2014 om 16:37 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:


I tried to contact you by telephone, unfortunately without success.

You have given us the exact meter reading on January 3th, which is 9.942 kWh. According to this meter reading we have rectified the wrong invoice. Within a period of two weeks, I will send the right invoice to you by e-mail.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Oxxio Nederland bv

Heeft op 29 januari 2014 om 11:31 geantwoord

I will wait the 2 weeks to make sure they do reply.

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4 jaren geleden - Dear FABIOBRITES, I have sent you an e-mail with the right invoice enclosed. The amount will be put on your account within two weeks. Kind regards, Suze Oxxio Nederland bv

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