Klacht: Cloth became small after 1 wash (following the instructions)

op 02 juni 2016 over Forever 21 in de categorie Internetshops - Kleding

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Bought a pile of cloth last month in the store Forever 21 rotterdam. Washed the cloth before even wearing it once with a hand wash program with temperature +30. 2 pieces of the cloth became so ridicules small that I cant wear it anymore. I went to the shop with receipts and defected cloth. I wanted either have a new exactly the same cloth or money return. Have got to hear that the shop can not help me. Reason : I cut of the label exactly on the line where clearly scissors to cut the label are displayed. Why then the line with scissors are displayed there? What a disappointment.

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I want have the full amount paid back (2 pieces of cloth: blouse and a dress)
on the photos :
1. pink blouse (after wash)
2. dress which became too small

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