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LukeElliott op 27 december 2019 over Fa-Med B.V. in de categorie Betalingsdiensten

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Earlier this year, on approximately the 3rd April 2019, I visited the Lassus Dentist for some routine dental work.

It was actually a fantastic experience, which ended with the receptionist explaining that my health insurance company will first be billed, and anything that is outstanding or not covered by your insurance provider, will be sent in a letter in the post for me to pay.

Months go by, no letter, or contact from Lassus Dentists… Last month I come home to a debt collector letter, explaining that a company by the name of FAMED BV, was requesting an amount of approximately 400EUR. I had absolutely no idea who FAMED BV were, and why they wanted money from me.

After some research I found out that it was medical billing company, so I called the Lassus dentist to see if it was with regards to them. They said yes, and that I need to pay the debt collector.

I explained that, I was told that I would receive an invoice in the post, which I never did, so to have no option to pay my bill, and then receive a letter from the debt collector is not fair. The dentist explained that they would look into it, and let me know the outcome – I received nothing, until on Christmas Eve I get a letter from Yards debt collector now asking for 800EUR.

I called the dentist once more, and I was told that the practice manager had deemed this was my fault and that I need to pay yards 800EUR.

This is completely and utterly not fair, for me to get no chance to pay the original bill, and then get threatening letters from companies I have never heard of before.

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I will be satisfied when this is investigated fully, I am prepared to pay my original bill, but with the lack of help from the dentist, I am reluctant to pay any of it.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Fa-Med B.V.

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