Klacht: Helaas ben ook ik slachtoffer van oplichting en misleiding door Eye Media Television B.V.

op 10 januari 2018 over Eye Media Television in de categorie Media

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On January 2nd I received a phone call from Eye Media Television B.V. with the question whether I wanted to participate in a television broadcast which would be broadcast later in 2018.
A very enthusiastic woman and it all sounded very nice and nice (incidentally, it turned out that the amount that I was offered was ridiculously high, namely against the 4000 euros.)
She was going to send me an email and call me within 15 minutes. Email arrived exactly at the same time she called me back so I had no time to read anything but I was urged to sign. At any moment did she mention any ‘algemene voorwaarden’ or cancellation fees. That same afternoon after having spoken to my accountant and realizing it was not doable since I am such a small business I sent them an email cancelling my participation. Yesterday I received an email stating that cancellation was not possible and I either had to go ahead with this or pay 50%. For my small business this is a reason to go bankrupt… as I don’t even make it to the end of the month. I have been revising their initial email but the “algemene voorwaarden” are not to be found anywhere, so I had no way of knowing what the consequences were.

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I want them to cancel the agreement as they have not been honest when explaining the whole process.

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