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I am not agree to pay 40 euro extra incasokosten because of Eneco assistant foult. I was have agrrement for jaarnota, every maand for 61,62 euro and monthly amount 222 euro. 20 – 08-2018 from my account was taked 61,62 euro but monthly amount I was late to pay. So eneco send the letter that I have to pay all jaarnota in one time. I was called to Eneco 24-08-2018 and ssistant from Eneco made for me a new agreement and told me that I have to pay just monthly amount 222 euro till 27-08-2018, I payed everything in time. But I got again letter 13-09-2018 that ENECO again want from all amount from jaarnota 492 euro and 40 euro extra kosten, why I have to pay this 40 euro if I made second agrrement and everything was ok, when I was called to ENECO again they told me that they see about this second aggreement but they dont know why was sended this letter again for me, so I am disappointed and I am not agree to pay this 40 euro extra

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deceiveded by ENECO SERVICES

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6 maanden geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Eneco over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Hi sirmadam,

Thanks for your complaint, I'm happy to respond to your message. I can imagine you're disappointed about the costs being charged. The reason behind this is your late payment on the 28th of August, after the automatic withdrawal was returned on the 21th of August.

This is the same reason your payment arrangement got canceled. You're obliged to pay every single invoice before the due date passes. If not, the payment plan get's cancelled again and also costs may come with this.

For now I can see the payment plan has been restored. Out of leniency we'll also drop the additional costs. Please, make sure to have the payments go well at all times. We can't offer you a new payment plan after this.

Kind regards,

Eneco Webcare

Heeft op 18 september 2018 om 15:42 geantwoord

I will be pay my jaarnota and I am finish with eneco all the time with them problems. I am not agree to pay this 40 euro extra. listen better recorder of this conversation your colega ask me when I can pay money I told for her I will be pay donderdag. but donderdag was 28 of August and she supoustu put thjs on the system. for what I give 10 points for that now i have to pay 40 euro extra not normal

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