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op 26 november 2016 over TrainMore in de categorie Sportclub/-school

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Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Regina and i had a very terrible experience with Trainmore (located at Singel 250, 1016 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands)!

I signed up on a 31.10. A lady at reception offered a so called “good” deal where i am paying 39.95 EUR entrance fee and first 2 months (November and December) going to the gym without any additional payment. After this 2 months they should have taken around 35/37 EUR from my account monthly. Contract is signed for a year. It is not possible to terminate it.

Yesterday i saw that on the 10th of November they charged another 36 EUR from my account. Not being able to find the phone number on the website..(another WOW!!) i decided to pay them a visit.

Lady at reception was not friendly, however, she confirmed that it was a mistake and said that she will send an email to customer service. She was not able to tell me when my money will be refunded..she just sent “hopefully they will be refunded”. No apologies, nothing! What a service! Besides that she was not able to give me a copy of my contract. In all the gyms that i was before i was either given a copy of my contract straight away when signing it OR it was sent by mail to my home address.

I want Trainmore to refund my 36 EUR back to account.
Best regards

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When Trainmore refunds my 36 EUR back to account and gives me a copy of my contract.

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Heeft op 30 november 2016 om 09:38 geantwoord

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Dear Regina,

Thank you for your e-mail to our customer care. Sorry for this late reply. www.klacht.nl did not send us an e-mail?
We just solved this issue at the customer care. We hope to see you soon at one of our clubs! Have a very nice day!

Kind regards,
Team TrainMore Amsterdam Singel

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