Klacht: Indesit IDL42 – Please Read BEFORE you order anything

op 14 augustus 2012 over Kooptotaal in de categorie Internetshops - Huishoudelijke artikelen

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My wife and I moved to the UK in 2011 and decided to rent out our home in NL. In April 2012 our dishwasher at our home in NL broke and we decided to replace it. I placed my order for a IDL42 in April 2012. After many calls, on hold time and no call backs, I received an email to tell me the product was no longer in production – why was it on the website… of course a more expensive alternative was suggested. Suspicious…you should be. In May due the fact that we were living in the UK not NL, I accepted the alternative despite the higher cost Indesit DSG-623. Through May we tried to confirm delivery dates via phone calls and emails, when finally at the end of May Kooptotaal admitted they did not have the product on stock – why was this product suggested if they did not have it on stock you might ask? Following this a series of false delivery dates in June were provided that never occurred. Again, many phones call, on hold time and no calls back proceeded… We spoke with Indesit who were of little assistance and we submitted a compliant via Webshop Keurmerk, who responded on the 12th July to ask if the compliant had been resolved. As you can imagine I was shocked by this email question because this email had been the ONLY acknowledgement to the compliant… No call or any form of correspondence from Kooptotaal or other – shocking! Due to this experience our tenants decided to move out and we are now waiting to receive a refund, judging by some of the other reviews I have read it appears as though getting a refund comes with just a much frustration. My wife is 8 months pregnant with our 1st child and this 4 and half MONTH experience has been an enormous stain on her mental and physical health. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM KOOPTOTAAL.

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They do not deserve even 1 star but I can not proceed without making a selection.

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