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op 01 mei 2020 over Dynafix in de categorie Reparatie- en onderhoud diensten

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My phone was broken due to a fall accident. Immediately called Chubb (insurance provider) and thankfully Chubb approved my guarantee claim. Sent my device to Dynafix, and two days later (last Friday), to my surprise, they informed me that my phone was not insured. I told them my phone WAS insured, I even stated my claim number over the phone. After the phone call though, they didn’t give me further options. I was only given two options, (1) pay a ridiculous amount to fix the phone, or (2) pay 60 eur for diagnostic cost and have my phone sent back unrepaired. Not wanting to deal with this nonsense further, I chose the latter. Then they told me that my device will be delivered the next day.
Last Saturday, I waited for my phone to arrive. When the delivery guy arrived, he told me that he’s a tad bit confused because he wasn’t coming to give me my phone back, but instead, he came to pick it up from me (??). I can’t even comprehend for the life of me what happened that day. After short chitchat about this whole misunderstanding, the delivery guy took off again. And I lost a day waiting for my package to arrive, only to find that the delivery guy came empty-handed. Thankfully my actual phone was delivered a few days later.
In summary, Dynafix didn’t acknowledge my guarantee claim, they made me pay a ridiculous amount of 60euro only to identify that there’s a crack in my phone (which was already stated in my guarantee claim), they also have major issues with deliveries.

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I will be satisfied if they can explain to me as to why the researchdiagnostic cost I had to pay was so high (60 eur) compared to the price I saw in other threads here?

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Dear customer,

First of all our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

According to the information we have there is no insurance known for this repairdevice. If you want to claim it we advise you to contact your insurance or the shop.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Assuming of having informed you sufficiently.

Kind regards,

Team WeCare Dynafix

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