Klacht: My message is a complaint and concerns Hotel Campanile Gouda and order number: 3815199

op 18 december 2019 over Hotels.nl in de categorie Hotels

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Hello. A few hours ago I used the booking via your hotels.nl website and received ation of the reference number:
3815199, to my e-mail address katarzyna.burek@vip.interia.pl Together with my partner we went to the hotel by bike, unfortunately it started to rain on the way. When we got to the hotel, the gate was closed. So we called and the gate was opened. At the reception we found two men who, not including our reservation in the price of € 70.14, offered us a room for € 89. Unfortunately, we only had € 80. We were asked to leave the hotel. So we took our bikes and left the hotel. After about an hour of standing in the rain I was able to find ation from you. Again we went to the reception, where we stayed dry and reluctant to be treated by the staff, perhaps because of my origin. When it turned out that I was right, we were allocated a room for € 70.14. Nobody even apologized to us that we stood in the rain for an hour, got cold and got wet. In addition, our rest has been shortened. I feel injured in this situation. Please answer what can I do in such a situation? Regards, Katarzyna Burek

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Please explain why I was treated this way? What motivated the employees who, not looking at the late hour and weather conditions, asked us outside? Please take the position of persons responsible for the correct work of the staff of the Campanile Hotel Gouda. I am asking for compensation in connection with this situation.

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