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op 21 september 2016 over Parnassia Bavo Groep in de categorie Zorginstellingen

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I’m S.Azadi(04/06.1969)
ear 6 /7 months agos,My doctor from Brijder (Mrs,,Dr,Franssen)sent me to Wijkteam,
Onthat time I told her its not a good Idea,
Now,its more than 6 months,that feling im in de hell,under tuture,
In 6 months I had 4 time heart attack,You ca see details in my medcalcase ,last sunday froem 8;00 morning I was in koma. fallen on the floor till 23.00 evening,I called to smash,they didnt care about me,Next day it happend again,my forehead and nose is broken.
Ambulance took me to Haga Ziekenhuis,Why nobody take me serious.?
1000 Times I asked him to send me to IPSY,There are Iranisan and afghans doctors,we can talk by our language,
I don’t feling good,you don’t help me ,you want to take revenge,brcause I complaint bout him to prnassia,
I cant understand,why I cant chose my doctor?????
I think he is sick,need to help,
I was in C45 last year,after there,I had too much pain in my body,my chain blocked,,,,,and went t many mny specialist,All of them told me,you need to antidepress ,and sent a letter to my doctor,but he never and never want to help me,stopped some medicines that I used for many years,and gve me Meyhadon!!!!am I a junky?All Doctors,All speialists tell need to anti depressives medicines,
My huisart and my doctor fromGGZ wrot 2 letters to IPSY,asked send my case to IPSY,
My case in IPSY is open,but he don’t want I go there,whywho is he?
Am I free?
please help me please,
I don’t have money to take lawyer,
I have to buy medicines,I have to buy Drugs to smoke,have todrink alcohol,….
its not life, I tired of this life,
please help me before it be late.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I want to go to Iranian Psychologist,and Iranian Psychiatrist.
I wish don't see him more,
Please tell me,why I'm not free to go another doctor,who is he?

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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