Klacht: Refound request to Decathlon that does not want to do .

2093150798512 op 13 juli 2023 over Decathlon in de categorie Sportwinkel

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After a week of delay , i was told to have pacience , i did , them after another week the costumer service said it could be made another order for this time to be delivered at home as i have order to deliver at pick up point , i said No , would take more time , so i asked to be refound , costumer service said it was asked to postnl to return the package but anyway it could be delivered, but if i wouldn’t pick up in 7 days, it would be returned then after i would be refunded.
Now they say the package was delivered home , actually everytime i call they say something difrent , the order costed 118€ , i dont have the parcel , refound and 1 lady of costumer service had no time n paciente to listen and she hanged of the phone on me . This was the worse experience i ever had on buying online . the past 3 weeks , they just put me waiting and no solution, when after 2 weeks of purchasing i have asked before delivery , a refound.
I have made the order on 6 june 2023.
To me it look like the pick up point didnt accept the weight n size of the parcel, so even when i asked a refound, they still wanted to send it home . when i never asked that.
It makes me very stressfull when I contact the service and they are so ready to lie .

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Refound and a good apologie for all the lies .
I very unsatisfied.
I would even like to be compensated for all time and money I lost in phone calls and stress , because Decathlon has not lived up to expectations .

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Heeft op 16 juli 2023 om 07:44 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Hi Marisa,

Thank you for your review!

I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with Decathlon! I have checked your order and find all of the contact moments you already got with our customer service. I also see that you have chose the delivery of your package to a package machine of PostNL.
My colleague has contact PostNL to cancel the order and return the package to our warehouse. We need to wait till the package is sent back to our warehouse before we can refund the order. In the case PostNL is very busy and therefore is the timeline of collecting your package and sent it back a bit longer that usually. We are very sorry for the inconvinience!

Please contact our customer service when this is not fixed by the end of next week so we can help you further.

We wish you a nice day!

Kind regards,

Met sportieve groet,

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