Klacht: High fuel costs and fines!

op 31 juli 2018 over Budget Autoverhuur in de categorie Autoverhuur

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I have just rented a car for one day from Budget (Rotterdam City office) but they deducted additional 80 euros from my credit card after I left the car. They told me that it is because I left the car with 34 fuel (not even empty). (52 euros for fuel and 28 euros fine).

My complaints;

1. No one informed me about this high cost while I was renting the car.
2. They already calculate fuel with 3 times more rate but they also add additional fine for not giving it with full tank. These two separate amounts are unacceptable. They cannot put these amounts without care about customer!
3. I paid 65 euros for car itself for one day and they deducted 80 euros which is more than the rent amount. And I left the car at the same day (7-8 hours later) clean.
4. This is not my first time that I rent a car from Budget. I rented in Spain, Italy, Netherlands etc. but I never received this kind of amount before. This is unacceptable.

And I will never rent a car from Budget and Avis anymore.

P.S. Their customer service telephone number is not working! And no one helped me about this in their Rotterdam Office!

Gewenste Oplossing:

I want my money back. This high cost plus fine is unacceptable. There is no information about it in the documents that I signed and no one informed me in your office about it.

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