Klacht: Brazillian wax fail

op 26 september 2016 over Nigel Macdonald beautyclinics in de categorie Beauty & Wellness

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I bought a coupon to get 1x Brazilian wax treatment by Nigel Macdonald Groningen last Saturday.
It was my first experience to get a Brazilian wax treatment. I expected the result will be smooth with no hair, at least that\’s what I read from articles on internet.
It was really painful, but hey, it was my first time anyway..i expected it. I didn\’t check the result on the spot, my bad.
At home I checked the result and it was nothing I expected..still hair everywhere, long hair, short-broken hair from the waxing, i mean, everywhere.
I don\’t think it\’s what Brazilian style should look.
I thought of coming back there to complain and show what they\’ve done on the next Monday, but i couldn\’t stand to feel and see the look. It\’s terrible. So I ended up shaving my female part area as I did normally.
I feel bad of wasting my money for that result.

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I think it\'s fair to get my money back at least half of it because the result was really bad.
I just don\'t wanna get back there to get their treatment, no thanks.

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