Klacht: booking canceled without any information!

op 19 juli 2016 over Tix.nl in de categorie Online Vliegtickets

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Last Saturday I made booking (2 adults + 2 kids) for travel on 19th July (tomorrow morning).
I got the booking and payment confirmation emails but never received the e-tickets.
I called customer care on Sunday (17th July)and after 15 min waiting I got a lady on phone and informed her about it, I was told that I will get it in next 24 hrs.

I tried to check in the flight using the booking reference (Y2ZCM9) but could not, so called the customer care again.
After 5 attempts and spending almost 3 hrs on waiting I got customer care on phone and asked her about check in problem. She said ticket department was busy so she will call me back in 15 min.

I was already driving to airport (Dusseldorf) from North Holland to get the morning flight.
We had plan/ booking to stay there overnight.

later (1 hr after call), I got email with subject “cancellation information”. I was shocked to read that my ticket was canceled as some error happened in their system!! and they would return my money.
I called them again waited for hrs to get the customer care and also sent emails, requested to find some solution. I expressed my flexibility in changing to near by airport also as we really have to go tomorrow but got no response so far.

just returned back home from half way…….

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As it was some error at their end I would expect Tix.nl gets me another tickets close to my original schedule and in same cost.

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Heeft op 19 juli 2016 om 08:13 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Dear Manoj,

Thank you for your review.

First of all, we are sorry to read about the occurred situation. We understand that these events are far from desired when you are already on your way to the airport. We have checked your reservation extensively and we have found what kind of error has occurred.

We have also seen your email that has been sent to our Customer Care department and will reply you with a description of the situation. You will receive more information via mail within one hour. If you have any other questions before our reply, please do not hesitate to contact us via: customercare@tix.nl. We will do all we can to assist you.

Kind regards,
TIX.nl / Gate1.nl

Heeft op 19 juli 2016 om 17:12 geantwoord

As a solution I have got their apologies and suggestion to looks for another ticket!!
I do not agree to it. I have already lost a day , I have not received my money back and ticket prices are 2-3 times than original.
I need my tickets immediately or they should agree to pay the difference in the pricing, caused by their system error.

Bericht van Tix.nl

1 jaar geleden - Dear Manoj, Thank you for your reply. We are very sorry that we cannot offer you the flights that you want. We hoped we had explained the entire situation to you in your previous mail and our sincere apologies if that description was not sufficient. Unfortunately, there is no other answer that we can provide you. We have also seen your reply via mail and will sent you a reaction back to that email as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department again, using the mail adders: customercare@tix.nl. Kind regards, CustomerCare TIX.nl / Gate1.nl

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