Klacht: Possible energy contract scam

op 10 oktober 2018 over Bespaarselectief in de categorie Vergelijkings websites

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I was visited by a man who claimed to be working for a government supplied organization who helps new entrepreneurs with private addresses in managing their energy contracts. He introduced me to a cheaper energy contract with Clean Energy. I did not want to sign it, so he asked for my personal details (email account and phone number) to send me an offer for this proposal. After that he told me he had sent an email offer for this contract. I opened it on my mobile, as I opened it he took the phone from my hands and pressed on the link that was provided by the email. I took back my phone, because it seemed odd to take someones phone from their hands, and I closed the link that opened after he pressed the button.
I did not want to make any contract with him right there, so I told him he can contact me later, because I had to think about it.

I went online later to discover that this is a common scam and people receive a large fine after some time about cancelling the current contract?

I did not provide any information on my bank account, neither did I sign anything on the spot.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I just want to be sure I did not settle in any contract or agreement with him.

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