Klacht: Bagage vertraagd en geen reactie klantenservice na 4 e-mails

op 24 juli 2017 over Veuling in de categorie Vliegmaatschappij

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I was on your flight VY3323 on Sunday 18 June, together with my children on our way to Ibiza for holidays.

Our one and only piece of luggage did not arrive with our flight. We have directly reported this on Ibiza Airport and got a PIR. We also received a sms, directing us to a global website to check the status of the search. Your customer sercvice told me I was entitled to do some shopping that was necessary and these cost would be reimbursed.

As I did not have anything I had to buy some clothes on Sunday for the children and myself. On Monday we did not hear anything either nor did we see any changes on the tracking website. Therefore we bought some more clothes and toilets items, together with a medical consult and medicines from the local pharmacies, that my daughter needs. Only when we arrived back in the hotel in the late evening we found a note that our suitcase was found and delivered to the hotel. Still nothing on the tracking website unfortunately nor was I informed by phone or sms…

The total expenses of these items are € 249,95. All receipts are attached.
I kindly request reimbursement of these costs.
Could you please let me know how to proceed?

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reimbursement of the expenses made

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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