Klacht: Albert Heijn kruidenwijk Almere treat us as thieves

op 12 juni 2016 over Albert Heijn in de categorie Supermarkten

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That is how Albert Heijn kruidenwijk Almere treat us as thieves!!!

My husband Tony went to Albert Heijn kruidenwijk almere this morning after he sent our daughter Yoyo to school. when he finished shopping and paid with self scanner with bonuskaart, the red light on the machine turned on(usually turns on before payment, not after ) and a man called himself a manager came over and asked Tony to leave saying he is a thief! by not paying the bills on selfscanner not today, but last week!!!!the manager and one staff rudely push Tony out of the store! And they called a policeman there to explain that this is legally!!

When my husband madly came back home and told me this, I cannot stay calm.

I went to the ah to ask and explain. The two managers were both with bad attitude and here is why they think we are thieves:

Last week on 1st of june, the AH kruidenwijk was reopened with new self-scan system,I shopped almost everyday there with mobile phone scan with APPIE .
They now said I didnt pay the payment on 1st,2nd,3rd June as their system shows. That means I stole from them!
I show them my bank account record, which clearly says I succesfully paid them everytime.
Well then they said I can use another bonuskaart to buy and pay the same product again to cover the truth that I steal from them…oh, come on!!!If I really wanted to steal, why I scanned the products?do you have any evidence???
they said yes, our system says you didnt pay! your system? can it be wrong??? no, our system is perfect!!!

Those “not-gentle” man sent me and my kid outside of the store and warned us not come to the store again. And when I called customer service of AH 0800-0305 to complaint, they said they choose to believe the managers!!!

What makes me and my husband more mad and upset is, when this afternoon we got back to the store to get their “official forbidden paper” as the lawyer adviced(yes, we went to a lawyer immediately), they refused to gave us the paper so we
have to call the police, after 40 minutes two policeman came, smiling to the manager like they are friends. AND, those policeman also treat us as thieves!!!they said you are lucky that you didnt caught stealing! one of them even called my husband”a fog”!!!We are trying our best to calm down and left. Oh by the way, they do it all in front of our kids!!!!

We are living this country for so long and never get humiliated like this. Just because their “perfect system”, me and my husband are THIEVES!!!???

We will spent everything to prove our clean and ask for the serious official apologize from Albert Heijn.

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we need official apologize from Albert Heijn

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over Albert Heijn

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst dat deze klacht over Albert Heijn nog niet in behandeling is genomen.

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