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My son has baught a complete PC about 1.5 year ago by Alternate.

In between is the power supply two times out of order.
The fisrt time, it was changed for free upon the normal guaranty. Last week, after we had said that it was the second time, somebody of Alternate called my son after checking that the power supply was indeed again out of order. He told my son that they would replace the power supply with a stronger one to avoid that it would burn again, in the garanty without costs (750W instead of 600W). My son went OK with this reaction.

Yesterday, another worker of Alternate called my son again and surprised him by saying that he should pay €40 because the new power supply was more expansive… My son who would like finally to use his PC in a normal way said too quickly “yes”.

I didn’t find that very fine and I just called myself today to complain, but I got somebody on the phone who didn’t even want to understand our story and went on asking €40.

I asked then to talk to a supervisor or a director of the company but it looks like a customer is not important enough for Alternate to get a responsable person on the phone !
That’s for me a very big lack of recpect towards the customer!

The only thing I got from this person was an email adres where I could write my complain… he didn’t tell me how long we should then wait again for our PC, but that doesn’t look to be so important for ALTERNATE!!!

In front of such a bad After sales service, I know where I will NOT buy my next PC,

and if I may advise you all,…,


Gewenste Oplossing:

Als de voeding conform de garantie vervangen wordt.
Ik kan niet accepteren om slachtoffer te zijn omdat ALTERNATE een te klein voeding blok heeft gekozen om een complete PC te creëren...!

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4 jaren geleden - Eindelijk heeft Alternate opnieuw dezelfde type voeding (600W) in de computer terug geplaatst! De vraag is "Hoe lang gaat deze duren?" Blijkbaar was 600W niet genoeg voor deze configuratie... Als het nog een keer kapot gaat, dan meld ik het opnieuw bij jullie en dan eis ik van Alternate een sterkere voeding... Bedankt voor jullie hulp! Mvrgr., Eric Kunnert

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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