Klacht: Make false claim that I did not cancel the appointment in a weird attempt of scamming money

Victor Iosip op 10 december 2020 over ServiceRight in de categorie Marketingbedrijven

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On 26.10.2020 I’ve made an appointment to have a problem fixed for a front wheel of a Peugeot 206. On 28.10.2020 I have sold the car and cancel the appointment via telephone.
The person on the other end thanked me for calling to cancel the appointment and said it’s no problem.
Few weeks later, they’ve tried to get in contact with me, I’ve called them back and they told me that I’ve missed an appointment on 10/30/2020.
I’ve explained to them that I’ve already canceled that, and they sent me a ation of cancellation on 10.11.2020 (after I’ve told them that I already canceled the appointment on 28.10.2020.

I was checking my email a few days ago, and I found out that on 30.11.2020 they’ve sent me an email with a bill of € 9 to pay, because I didn’t cancel the appointment more than a month ago (which is a lie).

They just try to scam people and it’s sad, because this is The Netherlands, and I didn’t expect such customer service.

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Inform the competent authorities of such practices and tell me why would I have to pay for a thing I've canceled according to their policy cancellation.

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