Klacht: Inexperience and bad driving’s instructure

op 27 mei 2013 over Rijschool Oscar Den Haag in de categorie Rijscholen

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Don’t take this driving school. It’s totally a ripped off and really bad!! The duration of one lesson is not 60 minutes but only 50 minutes, so watch out it will be expensive anyway if you compare to other school which gives you a 60 minutes lesson. You’ll be planned to take hours and hours lessons but you gain little in your driving skill. I had so many hours lessons and got exams twice but still failed because of the instructure’s bad method of teaching who has lack of experience and know how. The school doesn’t give you guarantee to succeed and eventually you spend much money and time for nothing. The instructure has totally no experiences. He plays with his mobile during the lesson and gives a little attention to the student. He’ll get easily upset if the student makes mistakes and he always raises his tone. He explains so little so the student will make the same mistake over and over again. He’s the owner of the school and has no colleagues. If you have a complaint you’ll be stuck. I recommend you to take other driving school which already has a reputation and not run only by one person. When you drive, you will lose your time because sometimes he asks you to pick up his friends somewhere and waiting at the parking lot. Really annoying!!

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I just moved to other driving school which has a really good reputation and guarantee of succeed.

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