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op 30 juli 2016 over hotelaanbiedingen.nl in de categorie Hotels

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My night at the Inntel Hotel in Zaandam:
We was really excited because we wanted to stay there for one night since we live in Zaandam.
Unfortunately, the staff does not have any sense of good customer service and no heart for children. I was there 7pm with my daughters aged 12 and 2. At the check in front desk the receptionist asked me for 50 euro extra, which I will get back the next day. I was almost in every country staying in hotels, but I never heard something like that. Well, I have no cash and the credit cards were at home. Big problem for nothing! Manager came after asking for him three times, he could not do anything but tried his best by being understanding. My little daughter was sick and needed to sleep but no chance to obtain the key. I asked by phone before leaving my house how much I have to pay in total and nobody said anything about additional 50 euro. What makes this hotel so special that they are allowed to ask for 50 euro deposit? My sick daughter of 2 may not be in the bed before 1 am night for 50 euro, nobody cared. No service, no heart, really!
The check out was even worse. I was at reception at 12 o’clock and said, I need some more time, because I’m alone with two children and I also like to pay for an Late check-out. No, that is not possible, we need to leave the room now. We cleaned the room and quickly packed the suitcases. We were ready, so I didn’t took the phone from reception calling every minute. Two minutes later, a very angry woman with her bodyguard stood INSIDE the room. When a mother with two children is too late with the check-out the poor woman needs help …
She made a big problem because we have not been away yet and began to discuss with a dirty behavior. We was already finished and she did not stop talking with me without respect and made me really stressed. Such a dirty mouth against a paying guest and my daughters. If we do not leave the room now, we have to pay 45 euros. Well, that was exactly what I wanted the whole time. I want to pay! No, we have to leave the “hotel” immediately. The little girl is sick and a little difficult but these people come just to look at us and being arrogant without any help. Very big story, because they do not give us five minutes more to get the last things. For sure we have forgotten things in the room, because we had to hurry. A quick look in the bathroom or going to the toilet was not allowed. I asked the silent bodyguard waiting at the elevator and watching us if he can help me with ONE of the three suitcases. He could see that I needed help with a child, trolley and suitcases but he said NO! Why? Because I stopped the dirty discussion of this lady with THIS … I never ever in my life did this for an foreign person, but I am not sorry!!!
The hotel is nice with beautiful and clean rooms, spa and swimming pool.
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Solving the problem by blocking me on LinkedIn instead giving answer. My husband tried to solve the problem but manager said, there is no problem. Three days Iater I got a letter saying my husband and I are not allowed to enter the hotel or police will come! My husband did nothing but trying to solve the problem in a respectful way!

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1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar hotelaanbiedingen.nl over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Geboden Oplossing:

Dear Daniella,

Thank you for your story and we are sorry to hear that your stay wasn't to your full satisfaction.

You have put this complaint on the page of HotelAanbiedingen. However, we cannot find your booking. We suspect you have not booked through our website. We suggest you contact the hotel directly or get in touch with the organisation where you booked your night away.

Good luck!
Kind regards,

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