Klacht: Online Pakket Dienst not delivering the order and telling lies

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I made a new Mobile abonnement order with Telfort for Samsung S8 on 21/04/2017.

OPD contacted me to make an appointment on 26/04/2017 (wed) to deliver the package between 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. I took leave from work and stayed at home but they didn’t come. When I called the OPD they said they don’t have the package with them and made a new appointment on 30/04/2017 (Sun) between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to deliver the package.

On 30/04/2017 at 10:00 am the OPD courier lady called and said she cannot delliver the package and the contract is not there anymore. I didn’t understand so I went to Telfort shop at Utrecht Central directly and checked, they said the contract is still valid and OPD has to deliver the package.

On 01/05/2017, I called OPD and explained the same and they replied saying they came to my home 2 times and since I was not there they cancelled the order and asked me to make a new order.

What OPD saying is a LIE,
– They didnt come to my home even once, they gave false information – Made me call Telfort and OPD multiple times to track the order
– OPD customer care spoke very Rude to me all the time
– OPD didn’t come to my home and lied and cancelled the order themselves. Even Telfort shop and customer care cannot believe this and are not able to help me.

For past 5 days I have been Harrased and Tortured like anything. I took leave form my work, I stayed at home 2 times without even taking bath thinking I might miss the calling bell. But OPD lied stating they came home when their courier person called me on Sunday 30th April and said she cannot deliver because there is no contract, which is a lie as per Telfort.

I called both Telfort and OPD customer care so many times costing 20 to 30 eurs for just for the phone bills itself.

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I need some action to be taken on OPD and a remuneration or payback for all the troubles and harrassment they caused to me.

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Online Pakket Dienst

Heeft op 03 mei 2017 om 22:39 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Hi Subash,

On the 26th your order wasn't in our possesion. Normally you would receive a notice from our callcenter but I believe something went wrong here.
On the 30th the package was on it's way to you but our courier checked the contract while she was on route and noticed that the contract wasn't there. This has nothing to do with the validity of the contract itself but when the contract isn't there we are not allowed to deliver the order. That is why she contacted you so you wouldn't stay at home and wait for an order that wouldn't be delivered.
On the 1st of may you were misinformed about the reason why your package had been canceled. It had nothing to do with any 2nd delivery. Because the contract wasn't there the first time your order was automatically canceled.
I believe that the callcenter interpreted the status of the order wrongly and that's why it would appear that they would be lying. I cannot determine the way the costumer care spoke to you since the costumer care is handled by a third party but I will make sure that their superiors will be notified about this case.

We always try to provide the best service possible to our clients, unfortunately there was a lot of miscommunication this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience that was caused. I see you have placed a new order scheduled for delivery on the 6th of may we will do our utmost best to make sure the order is delivered as planned this time.

Kind regards.

Online Pakket Dienst

Heeft op 04 mei 2017 om 14:28 geantwoord


For the remark, \"On the 26th your order wasn't in our possesion.\", I don't believe this as I called Telfort who checked with the courier person from their side and confirmed the parcel is with that person. Only OPD was saying that they didn't had the parcel.

And for the remark, \"On the 30th the package was on it's way to you but our courier checked the contract while she was on route and noticed that the contract wasn't there.\" again I don't agree this as Telfort said it looks very strange and weird as the Contract would be pasted on top of the parcel always. How come your courier person missed this and just informed me that the parcel will not be delivered, where did she check for my contract details?

More over it is really hard to track the parcel as no one from OPD is giving the right and consistent information. Each person is telling different inconsistent answers when I call the customer care.

Due to these troubles I had to call OPD and Telfort multiple times, also I had to go to the Telfort shop myself on Sunday 30th spoiling all my plans. What OPD is going to tell or do for this?

As you mentioned, I made an order with Telfort for the second time now, which they said will be delivered on 6th May between 9am to 1pm. Hope this time OPD delivers the order without troubling/confusing me further. And what should I do if OPD does not deliver the item properly again on 6th May?

Thanks & Regards,
Subash R

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