Klacht: No delivery for solar panels!

op 12 augustus 2017 over SolarNRG in de categorie Energieleveranciers

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I accepted the offer for 15 panels which was from another company, called Zonneplan. However, they recognized 15 panels were too much to install on my roof after they had arrived and moved everything to my roof. Then, we agreed to install 14 but the next problem was the convertor which was too big for 14 panels. I asked them to get one suitable and complete the work at the day as agreed. they said they do not have person to pick one from the warehouse. I offered them help by driving 150 km myself and get it in house while they are installing the rest. they rejected my help and wanted to arrange another day. Since I took a day off for this installation I wanted to have this done at that day. All in all, I had to cancel this offer and arrange another company for a offer which turned to be from SolarNRG. I mentioned every details about the failure of the previous company but asked them to make sure everything in order. I repeatedly said that they would need a lift (enough time for installation and appropriate convertor etc.) to move things up to the floor. Today was the day for the installation. The appointment was made between 8.00 and 13.00. Installers came 9.10 and I asked them why they have been late. Their response was dramatically rude. They reminded me my responsibilities about my own house!!! An then they left my house just suddenly without giving any explanation! I then called the company back and I got a response that the delivery can not be done today! This is already my second day off and I am just speechless. By the time I called the office I was asking the possibilities to look at their agenda but the customer service person said that they have to wait until the report is ready, the one the installer has to prepare. When I asked why these two independent things has be in order she just increased her voice and did not give me any convincing reasoning. I am totally sick of this business. I do not think they have any idea about customer service.

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immediate appointment with an appropriate planning would solve this issue. However I can not afford another day off thus it needs to be on Saturday!

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