Klacht: Namechange

op 22 juli 2017 over Ryanair in de categorie Vliegmaatschappij

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After getting our flight documents I see that our names are not correct on the documents. Stupid mistake of course, but it happens…We had to fill in the same names as on our Passports. I have changed it on www.ryanair.com to avoid any problems on the airport but we had to pay € 220,00 for this name change. Ridiculous such a high amount. At other flight company’s they do not charge so much. I read on the internet that some people had the same problem but they could change their name for 10 pound, which is 11 Euro. Could I get a refund on this? We hope you can help us because we were so glad to go away for a couple of days but it has become a dump because we have to pay so much for a change of name. Please give me your reaction on cindyheeren@live.nl

We have booked onder registrationnumber I1NK4E by Bebsy.nl
Emailadres is B-53583-Heeren@bebsy.nl – Bookingsnr.B-53583 -Tel.nr.020-7009406 I hope this info will help you.

Gewenste Oplossing:

We would be happy and satisfied when we could at least get 200 euro back.

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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