Klacht: Money back

op 09 februari 2018 over Kijkshop in de categorie Warenhuizen

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17.01.2018 I returned in Eindhoven broken product. I didn’t get new one because they didn’t have this model in the Shop any more. I got instead of this 2 gift cards with 50 & 30 euros.
Yesterday I wanted to buy an other product so I went to the shop in Eindhoven. It was closed. Today I went to Helmond, and what? Also closed. Without any informations!
It looks like I LOST my 80€ because they closed all of them! I am Sure that few days ago they already know about that so what they didn’t say anything? What should I do now? Ofcourse no one doesn’t pick up the phone. Also they don’t answer by mail. Does anyone know what to do or where to call in this case?

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1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Kijkshop over deze klacht.

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