Klacht: miscommunication and not correct infromation from Crown card

op 20 juli 2016 over Crown Card in de categorie Waardebonnen- en voucher aanbieders

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I was called for their offer. I was explained over the phone that all information will arrive via email. I can terminate it no problem within 2 weeks.
I got no email from Crown card (maybe it went into spam – which I never open). Till two days ago (a month later) I received a payment email. Initially, I replied that I do not know what it is about, then I replied that I remember this phone call, but did not receive any email and thus never made use of this card.
On the telephone the man explained it is very easy to cancel, but without an email invitation it is quite impossible to cancel. Can you please help me?

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I would like to cancel - without the 99 euro fee.

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