Klacht: Slechte service

op 06 mei 2016 over Karen Millen in de categorie Mode

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

3 jaren geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over Karen Millen

Reactie van de melder van de klacht Daniela de Bruyn

3 jaren geleden - Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, A couple of months ago I surprised my wife with a Karen Millen dress as shown in the attached picture. We bought this a "de Bijenkorf" in the Netherlands and she was looking beautiful in it. That was the reason why I made this buy because we normally can not afford to buy expensive clothes. My wife was very happy with this dress. Now here comes the sad story, while trying to help my wife while she was working I tried to be helpful by doing the laundry for her. Without reading the labels, being ignorant, I put this dress into the washing machine and ruined this beautiful dress. I hope you can imagine how angry and sad my wife was when she saw what I did. The white part of the dress now has stains from the black part of the dress and she can't wear it like this anymore. The shop where we bought the dress told us to reach out to you with the question if you could mean something for us because they do not want to take it back and change it for another one without the approval of the manufacturer. So I would like to ask you, if you can do something for me to make my wife happy again? Unfortunately I am not in the financial position to buy her a new one... Can you help this clumsy husband? I hope you can bring us a positive reply. Thank you. Kind regards Hans de Bruyn Arenastraat 38 2492WX The Hague Dit is wat er geburt is en waarom vind ik dat Karen Millen slechte service geeft? Om dat er vervolgens niets gedaan wordt, met andere woorden, Karen Millen zegt dat is u pech:(:(

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

3 jaren geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst dat deze klacht over Karen Millen nog niet in behandeling is genomen.

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