Klacht: i got a mysterious payment that i wasn’t supposed to pay

op 27 juni 2016 over Basic Fit in de categorie Sportclub/-school

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dear basic fit

i recently have become a member of basic fit, well it’s over 2 month now and i noticed a really big problem with my payment. on the 10th of may 2016 i paid my first mothly subscription to basic fit which is 19.99 euro, it was automatic so i didn’t need to do anything, BUT at the 27th of may 2016 i got another notification from my bank account saying that i have paid 19.99 euro to basic fit and the thing is, i have paid it earlier in the month so this is really wierd.

i waited it out until june to see if this is still happen, and it did the same thing as in may, the first payment was on 9th of june and the second was TODAY 27th of june. and so now i’m confused on why this is happening to me, i’ve asked the staff on my local basic fit and they said that they CAN’T help me with it and told me to call the clientservice number. i did so like what they told, BUT THE NUMBER THAT IS STATED ON THE WEBSITE (0900-22742348) and the one in the flyer (0900-227423480) DIDN’T EVEN WORKED. so now i’m stuck with this mysterious payment that i can’t do anything on.

i ask you to please help me with my problem on my payment issue as soon as possible,

i have no issue with the gym service or anything on that sort, the staff is nice, the building is great, but for the love of god could you fix your customerservice and make it more easy for us( the gym member) to fix our issue regarding our problem, seriously you guys are damaging your own reputation by not fixing this.

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i would be satisfied when these condition are filled:

1. these shady payment issue is fixed and i only need to pay 19.99 euro ONCE per month and not TWICE per month.

2. i will get my money refunded for the amount of time i have to paid extra

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1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Basic Fit over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - We hebben bericht ontvangen dat Basic Fit een oplossing geplaatst heeft bij deze klacht

Basic Fit

Heeft op 28 juni 2016 om 13:18 geantwoord

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Dear Caesardo,

The first payment around 10-5 was for May. The payment around 27-5 was for June. You returned the month June to your own account so we tried it again around 10-6 (still for June). The payment for 27-6 is for July.

Kind regards,

Dustin from Basic-Fit

Bericht van caesardo diaz

1 jaar geleden - alright then mate, thanks a lot for responding to this complaint, you cheeky basterd almost gave me a heart attack for this miss understanding ( not literary ). P.S. if i somehow get charged in 10 july ( for july ), then i would send another complaint, hopefully that won't happen. much love Gopnik from space

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