Klacht: Complaint about bus driver

op 12 mei 2016 over Qbuzz in de categorie Openbaar Vervoer

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Hello , my complaint is not about qbuzz but about its drivers, and tonight sent me over the edge and now I need to say something about it, usually my complaint is that at the busstop at rondweg next to Pieze, going towards Cs the drivers are 2-4 minutes early more often then they are on time, the record was 5 minutes early , that time my friend came right after the bus with the car and he dropped me at the P +R and there I found the bus driver smoking a ciggarette outside with another busdriver. But the busdriver that motivated me to write this conplaint denied me access to the bus after I already checked in and paid and made me late to something inportant, at the central station Gronigen after passing me twice. He grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me agressively, slightly hurting me, where I come from this is Assault and I could sue the company for it. Not that i want to do that but I feel something needs to be done about it. The reason he did this was because he had a problem with me calling him an ass at the previous busstop, I did this because I was frustrated with him for passing me for the second time, this time while I was all the way at the front of the bus and he looked me in the eye while he passed(i chased him for 2 busstops to the CS because he did not pick me up even though he saw me and i was on time and close to the door) this driver was the driver of the 21:00 bus lijn 4 to roden today, 12 may, he denied me acces and wouldnt let me in even after I tried reasoning with him and even apologizing even after he assaulted me.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I would be happy if the bus drivers would wait at the busstop when they are early , instead of just passing even if someone if coming waving their hands when thr bus is leaving 3 minutes early, and i would likd to never be assaulted by a bus driver again, nor denied acces because a bus driver has a personal problem with me, even if i already paid

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2 jaren geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst over deze klacht over Qbuzz

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

2 jaren geleden - Ik heb een bericht op Twitter geplaatst dat deze klacht over Qbuzz nog niet in behandeling is genomen.

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