Klacht: Cabin Crew is Discriminating

op 23 augustus 2016 over Vueling in de categorie Vliegmaatschappij

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I already send an email to Vueling Customer Care, but as it take too much of time for them to answer I am putting this complaint on this site, below my complain:

Dear Customer Care,

This concerns booking number: C9UL5G
I hope you take this complain serious as i am really not treated well by one of your crew members.
First my Flight of yesterday (Saturday 13th of august) from London-Luton (VY8407) to Amsterdam was delayed for 1,5 hours. The original timings were 20:35 to take off to Amsterdam and reach there at 22:45 hours.

At 21:00 we were directed to gate 11, after which we were checked for our boarding pass, then 15 min after that we were asked to walk towards the aircraft and take our seat.
I was traveling with my family (my wife and my 2 children). I entered the aircraft and started putting my hand luggage on our overhead lockers (which was above our head).
Then directly when I was doing this, one of the crew members came only to me and started telling me, the hand luggage has to be places underneath your seat.
All other travelers were not asked for doing the same.

I sure was not in favor of her, her name is ALEXANTA, at least this was written on her batch.
Later when we sat down and all lockers were closed, as there was enough space on those head lockers, she came back and opened the locker and picked my daughters bag out of the
Locker and asked me if this belongs to me? I told her YES, and I referred to her the locker was closed and now you opened it just to let me put my hand luggage between my legs, which I could not do because
Of my long legs and no space left between my legs. She was just pushing me to put the bag between my legs, whereas I told her that all lockers are full with hand luggage why are you only asking me to remove my hand luggage, from the head lockers?

She still was urging me to take my hand luggage between my legs and she was threatening me otherwise to place my hand luggage out of the Cabin.
I honestly told her, I will file a complaint for this towards you.
I told her: Why are you only referring to me? There are so many travelers in this aircraft, I am with my little family and so much tired also with the delay of the flight and then also this is happening to me?
If she doesn’t like my face, she doesn’t have to act like this, everybody is equal and also has to be treated equally. If you are making difference between one and other travelers, please leave your JOB ALEXANTA.
You are not good for this job. I never met this in my life, she was also not at all polite.
As travelers we are guest in your aircraft which is severed by Vueling, you have to take good care of us.

I was totally not aware of the rule that was communicated by ALEXANTA to place your hand luggage under your seat.

I have a couple of questions for you as customer care representative:

1. Where can I find in writing that travelers in your aircraft have to place their hand luggage below the seats in place of putting it in the head lockers?
2. Why is your crew member so selective in choosing people and directing them to do stupid things?
3. In my way to London-Luton (10th of August, flight number VY8404) i didn’t experienced this kind of issues with your crew members, why was ALEXANTA acting like this?
4. I want a refund of my return flight to Amsterdam (flight number VY8407) because of 1,5 hours of delay, can you refund my money back into my account? Booking number: C9UL5G
I had to pay more money for my parking as I was after 00:00 hours to pick up my Car, which is a day later (14th of August)

I am really disappointed in the way I have been treated by one of your crew members, we as human being are equal although our body and face are different, I couldn’t offence myself properly because of her behavior.
I am a patient with hip prostheses (on both legs). How can you aspect from me to sit like this with my luggage between my legs for 1,5 hours?
All other travelers where not asked to place their luggage under their seats between their legs. Why me?
I really cannot understand why that lady made such a big issue of my luggage, the locker was already closed and everything was nicely ordered, but she opened it and picked out only my luggage, why?
Am I being discriminated here? It looks like this is the case.
You as company should take good care of your customer, I didn’t experienced that at all. I had a mental breakdown after this experience!

Looking forward to your reply.



Gewenste Oplossing:

I am satisfied when I get my return flight refunded as apart from the incident which happened to me, the flight was also delayed!

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