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anitkatje op 08 oktober 2021 over Alektum incasso in de categorie Incassobureaus

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Sins 2019 Slagman and Alektum they are after me with more bill and more and more! My Case by Zalando is already close and they still after my ass! They don’t answering my emails for months. After while I get new letter with new dossier and new Court case and more pay! When I contact Alektum they say they have nothing to do with it that t I must contact Slagman! When I contact slagman they say I have to contact alektum? (I have emails as prove lol this is not a joke I swear!) When I call 📞 they let me wait and wait and they hand up! I actually over pay because they confused me well! Now actually they should pay me back yet they make new and new bills! I have prove of payments and prove from Zalando that the case is close! They still after me! After reading so much complains on the net, I thought I’m gone do something about it! This is the start. Very annoying, as you can imagine how much frustrations I have. They think some buitenlander in Holland but I have rights too! This will get sort out other wise I will look for help or Advokaat!

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This should long time a go close and I would like to get my money back.

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Alektum incasso

Heeft op 19 januari 2022 om 13:55 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the stricter privacy rules (GDPR) do not allow us to respond substantively to your complaint. We would therefore like to request that you contact us via [email protected] (quoting your file number) or by telephone: 020 – 417 71 77. Your defense will then be processed as soon as possible.

If you wish to make your complaint known in writing, you can send it to: Alektum B.V., PO Box 20723, 1001 NS Amsterdam.

We assume that we have informed you sufficiently.

With kind regards,

Alektum Group B.V.

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