Klacht: Bauknecht WAK2770 Extended Warranty Repair

op 16 april 2018 over Whirlpool in de categorie Electronica - Wasmachines

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I have bought the Bauknecht WAK2770 washing machine from Mediamarkt in 2013. Recently I noticed an issue with the machine that the drum was not rotating.

I registered the product on their website last week and I received an extended warranty of 3 years. Afterwards I called your customer service number 076-530 64 00 and explained about the problem.
They mentioned that if I have the email proof of the extended warranty that’s sufficient to show to the mechanic.

Therefore then I made an appointment for today for repair. But today the mechanic said the warranty is not valid. He said either I need to pay 350 euros for repair or get a new appliance!

For me this utterly disappointing and great inconvenience. If I was told of this problem (out of warranty) earlier (on phone or via email)
I wouldn’t have requested and waited for the mechanic from past few days. Moreover I was asked to pay for the mechanic.

Could you please resolve this problem

Gewenste Oplossing:

Please fix the washing machine as it has a valid warranty certificate and it is less than 5 years of defect problems.

Current status:
Problem not fixed yet!

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Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

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