Klacht: Unreasonable reactivation of account

op 25 april 2016 over Kamernet in de categorie Makelaars

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Last time I used Kamernet was approximately 1,5 years ago, I paid for a prepaid service in English. Afterwards I had no need for their services and therefore did not log in nor pay again. As the site sends advertisement, emails from it either go to “promotions” and “spam” folders. Since all received emails were in Dutch and I paid for English service, I assumed that all emails are promotions etc. Now, one week ago, I received a letter from an incasso company stating that I had debt. I received no notice in English, nor I find it reasonable to activate an account that has not been in use for more than a year.

Gewenste Oplossing:

I will be satisfied when the charges are dropped as I have not used any of their services nor have I gotten a readable notice of their change in policy.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Ik heb een email gestuurd naar Kamernet over deze klacht.

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - Deze klacht is zojuist door Kamernet in behandeling genomen

Bericht van Robin van Klacht.nl

1 jaar geleden - We hebben bericht ontvangen dat Kamernet een oplossing geplaatst heeft bij deze klacht


Heeft op 04 mei 2016 om 08:53 geantwoord

Geboden Oplossing:

Hi Silja, thank you for your message and feedback. How unfortunate that you suddenly received a letter from our debt collection agency Graydon. Can you please send us an email to supportdesk@kamernet.nl so we can check what is going on and to help you further? Have a nice day! Irene - Kamernet

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